With our gastronomy gift boxes you’re always safe! For every occasion or celebration, with us you may choose the gift box that will make you stand out.

If you want to view our catalogue, click and download the pdf.

All the boxes are listed in ascending order by price, to help you choose the gift based on your budget.



Whether you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur or a manager of a small, medium-sized or big company, do not hesitate to contact us to receive, without commitment, our price list dedicated to corporate gifts.

Our company has an efficient and tested organized structure that allows us to satisfy every request, even of hefty commission amounts, with the same focus and devotion we dedicate to a private customer.


It is possible to modify the content of the gift boxes by replacing some items, or, by creating your personal gift box according to your personal taste and our vast product selection.

As for the wine and sparkling wine, it is possible to create your own selection, even if the ones catalogued in the 1-2-3-4-6 pieces variants are depicted with the same product by bottle typology.

It is possible to add our personalized greeting card, or even an object supplied by you that will make your present unique.


For every need and fast information, do not hesitate to contact us, one of our colleagues will always be willing to help you out. -



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From Tuesday to Saturday

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You may choose the gift box you prefer by viewing our online catalogue, but you can also pay us a visit and see them in person, here you will find all the help you need to put together the best present as possible.

Our shop is open from Monday to Saturday and from the 15th of November to the 31st of December we are also open on Sundays.

To collect your gift box, you can come directly to our shop or, if there is a great number of gift boxes you may also come to our warehouse, erasing all the shipping costs.

In any case, you have the possibility to entrust us with the delivery, we will hand over the gift box at your home address or at your company, it is also possible to deliver every single box to a different recipient address previously provided by you.


Once upon a day of November 1999, a wealthy and regular customer of our retail shop shows up and requests a gift box to the owner’s son, one that will allow him to make a good impression on the recipient, without any detail on the content or the cost of it.

The distinguished patron picks up the box the very same evening, he does not pay, greets the staff and exits the shop. The following day, the owner’s son gets this exact phone call: “Antonio, the gift box was not a present, I wanted to analyse it instead, in order to view what products you would have chosen and with how much refinement and elegance you would have wrapped them up. I am very satisfied, by the 15th of December I’d like you to arrange a hundred and eighty additional gift boxes and deliver them to my company.” This episode marked the beginning of the corporate gifts branch, reaching within a little time span, the approval of a large number of companies that during the Christmas and Easter festivities, entrust us with their gift boxes, relying on our multiple solutions, even personalised, and most of all trusting our guarantee of quality, professionalism and expertise.


It is alittle detail that makes the difference!

Whoever gets a present is always pleased and curious on what they may find inside the box.

All it takes to make your present even more important and unique, is our refined and elegant greeting card.

With us, you have the possibility to request it both in your online orders and in person, but you can also request it whether you are the owner of a business or the purchasing manager of a company.  

One of our colleagues will be handwriting in pen the message you thought of, with extreme care and refinement.


How many times indecisiveness stopped you from choosing a present? Rely on us and let us guide you through the magic world of typical Sardinian specialities!

The elegant and refined La Sardegna Gift Card is the perfect idea for your presents without worries.

You only have to establish the amount, who receives it as a present, the privilege to choose whatever product they want.

For every occasion and recurrence, the Gift Card is the perfect idea for a gift; whether it is for a friend or simply a person dear to you, come see us, you can purchase it at our retail shop, but also online in the safety of your home.

You can also buy La Sardegna Gift Card as your corporate gift, to get your employers and colleague a special and appreciate present.

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