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Fregola Sarda Media 500g La Casa del Grano

Medium Sardinian Fregola Pasta 500g La Casa del Grano

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Sa Fregula Sarda, the durum wheat semolina pasta. They are little irregular spheres, porous and rugged, toasted in the oven. In large format.

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The magic of simple acts passed down from generation to generation able to transform and handle simple ingredients such as durum wheat semolina and water. In ancient times the semolina was placed in the sa scivedda, a terracotta basin, and after wetting it with water it was kneaded with circular motions until little spheres of pasta were formed that at a later time were toasted in the oven. A versatile food that goes well with both meat and fish sauces, and broths. It can be cooked both as a risotto and as pasta, ideal base for soups or to be eaten cold in a salad.



Energy 1485Kj and 350kcal

Fats 1,2g

including saturates 0,2g

Carbohydrates 70g

including sugars 1,8g

Fibres 3,7g

Proteins 13g

Salt 0g

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