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Pane Carasau 850g Panificio Secci

Carasau Bread 850g Panificio Secci

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Classic carasau bread. With simple and essential ingredients. Durum wheat semolina, water, salt and beer yeast got into creating one of the most famous emblems of Sardinia, with a timeless taste.

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Carasatu bread, carasadu, flat bread, pane ‘e fresa, machine milled bread, music paper, it can be called in multiple ways, but its scent and its taste are known all over the world as Pane Carasau. The simple ingredients of an ancient and familiar rite. The durum wheat semolina, the water, the salt and the sourdough starter go through the Sa Cotta, the different phases of the baking process, from the S’inthurta to the Carasare, to offer us a unique product, tasty and versatile. Not only a filling but also a peculiar ingredient for appetizers, first and second courses.



Energy 1388Kj and 327kcal

Fats 0,9g

including saturates 0,1g

Carbohydrates 68,8g

including sugars 1,1g

Fibres 2,4g

Proteins 9,7g

Salt 1,2g

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