Wholesale is one of our specialities. With time, our company grew thanks to the experience we developed in the industry, at the same time of the retail part that has strong foundations in our shop in San Vittore Olona.  

The strong potential, resulting from the union of the two typologies of sales, permits us to satisfy the demand of every food business: minimarkets, specialized shops, gastronomies, butcheries, fishmongers, bakeries, grocery stores, bars, bistros, breweries, fast food chains, restaurants and wineries. 


We meet the need of wholesalers, event planners, any business from the food industry and Sardinian cultural club all around the world, without the requirement of buying significant and demanding batches of goods, giving the client the possibility to choose the amount needed based on their specific needs.

This wide and unlimited selection, detached from the compulsoriness of businesses that only handle wholesales, gives our shop the possibility to excel and stand out among others.


Contact us without commitment, even if you are interested in only one product, we will be able to understand your needs, bestow you suggestions and send you the pricelist designated to the typology of your business.

It is possible, also, to arrange an appointment with our commercial manager, whether it be at our retail shop in San Vittore Olona at Corso Sempione 219 – where you will be able to view and taste our typical Sardinian products that interest you the most, or at your company headquarters.

As soon as possible, we will certainly be able to deliver a competitive supply in terms of price and custom-made, just like you have always dreamed.


Your first source of profit? Saving up!

Becoming our client, all over the year you will have the great opportunity to benefit from convenient and important terms of sale designated to your wholesale purchases.

To learn more, contact our Customer Service and you will be given the clarifications you need.


Every client has the possibility to choose the amount of goods they desire, without the requirement of purchasing the entire pack of every single product. We give you the possibility to split the quantity of the original content of the box. For example, as shown in the image, if in a carton of myrtle liquor there are six bottles of the same product, we can remove three bottles and add another three bottles of a different product: this will result in three bottles of red myrtle and three bottles of white myrtle.

This purchase method can be applied to all of our selection of typical Sardinian specialities present in our ample array.

This important service gives you the possibility to have a larger assortment in your shop, with a minor economical cost.


If you have a company oriented to expand its online sales, you need a partner like us next to you.

Trust us with our excellent and tested dropshipping service, you can count on our vast selection of typical Sardinian products, expertise in the logistics field and in national and international deliveries, marketing assistance and planning with the purpose of the developing of your turnover.

Therefore, you only need a simple laptop, let us manage everything else.


For every need and fast information, do not hesitate to contact us, one of our colleagues will always be willing to help you out.



Morning: 9:00 - 13:00

Evening: closed


From Tuesday to Saturday

Morning: 9:00 - 13:00

Evening: 15:30 - 19:30



If your business or company is located in the provinces of Milano, Lodi, Monza-Brianza, Como, Varese and Novara, we will be able to personally deliver your order with our own vehicles and our personnel, without entrusting it to an external courier.

You will have the opportunity to benefit from this delivery service 6 days out of 7, from Monday to Saturday.

Moreover, from the 14th of November until the 31st of December, our business operates 7 days a week, giving you the possibility, even in urgent cases, to always count on us.


The transports that do not require temperature-controlled containers are entrusted to different couriers, each of them is selected based on the amount of goods you purchased, that can variate from a single package to a pallet, or from a tractor to an articulated lorry.

We are able to monitor each delivery in every single stage of its movement until it arrives at destination. We guarantee the export both by road and by air, with frequent and regular departures towards every destination in the world.

To avoid delays on the deliveries, especially if it is necessary to execute custom clearances, we suggest you send your order to our designated e-mail address ordini@lasardegna1930.it and your fiscal documentation at our e-mail address spedizioni@lasardegna1930.it. In this manner, we will be able to drastically reduce eventual technical problems.


We deem transport as a very sensitive service, it is the phase where the goods purchased by our client are put in the care of another company in order to get to their destination.

For this very reason, we rely on a single company organised for the management of all of our national and international flows, with clear and safe timetables, that respects of the cooling chain and follow-up of the deliveries.

  • We guarantee the export by road with frequent and regular departures to 15 European countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland. Deliveries on request towards other European countries.
  • Other serviced areas: Monaco, Island of Oléron, Canary Islands, the Vatican, Island of Ré, Balearic Islands.
  • Freedom of choice based on the amount of goods you purchased: it can variate from a single package to a pallet, or from a tractor to an articulated lorry.
  • Expertise in the delivery to the recipients of any typology of business and company.
  • Safety and follow up of your deliveries (secured in every part of Europe the various platforms of sorting, tracking, etc.).

Meanwhile, when it comes to deliveries throughout the world, the courier is the same until the departures and custom clearance in Italy, and subsequently take the airway to get to the destination.

At this point, from the distribution platform of the trucking company, again by road, the cargo will be delivered to the client shortly.

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