Year 1982; The Usai’s football team, from the upper-left the President Pietro, on the lower left his son Antonio.

Year 2017; An advertising contribute for the 99th Edition of the COPPA BERNOCCHI, a prestigious cycling race for professional riders, starting and finishing in the near city of Legnano.

Year 2018; For the Hundredth Edition of the of the prestigious COPPA BERNOCCHI too, a renowned cycling race for professional riders, our company “La Sardegna” is pleased to be one of the sponsors of this famous event.

Year 2019; 101st Edition of the COPPA BERNOCCHI, an important cycling race for professional riders. Our company is glad to be one of the sponsors for this famous event that year by year becomes more and more grand.

Year 2020; OFFICIAL PARTNER of the 88th CINQUE MULINI INTERNATIONAL CROSS COUNTRY with its catering service set up in the VIP area in the sports ground of San Vittore Olona.

Year 2021; despite the difficult and complicated era caused by the pandemic, La Sardegna still sponsors the 89th CINQUE MULINI INTERNATIONAL CROSS COUNTRY, prestigious race that takes place in the same city in which our shop is located..

Year 2022; An historical date for the 90th anniversary of the CINQUE MULINI INTERNATIONAL CROSS COUNTRY. As usual, La Sardegna and all its Staff is the OFFICIAL SPONSOR, where, in the VIP area set up in a sumptuous motorhome offered by the flawless organization, offers its traditional catering service.

Year 2022; The Usai Family, who really cares for this social aspect, contributes in sponsoring the Blue Cross of San Vittore Olona managed by the precious and essential voluntary workers, in favour of the "Solidarietà in Movimento" project.

Year 2024; We are pleased to have supported the Lottery on the occasion of the end-of-year display organized by the "A.S.D. Ginnastica Ritmica Skill".