The personal data of the user is used by L.S. SRL, that is the owner of it while processing, in compliance with the protection principles of personal data established by the GDPR Regulation Code 2016/679 and the national legislation in force. 


The collection of personal data is carried out by L.S. SRL by registering the data directly from the interested party, at the moment of the first contact or subsequent communications. 


1.     We inform you that the data will be processed with the support of the following means:·       Mixed - electronic and printed with the following purpose:·       Promotional activities·       Accounting managment or treasurer administration·       Supplier management (contracts, orders, arrivals, invoices)·       Personnel management·       Customer management (contracts, orders, shipments and invoices)·       Sending of courtesy comunications and/or informational/promotional materials

·       Marketing (market analysis and research)

·       Supply of goods and services through mailing list

·       Profiling for promotional purposes

·       Market research, statistic studies and verification of level of satisfacion of the clientele on the products

·       Measurements of the level of satisfaction of the clientele

·       Electronic means of payment (debit and credit card, electronic money)



The legal base on which it is based the processing common data, following the Article 6 of the GDPR Regulations, is:

  • Agreement;



The Legal base on which the processing of personal data for peculiar categories is founded, following the Article 9 of the GDPR Regulations, is:

·       Agreement;


The company processes the optional user data based on agreement, meaning that it processes it through explicit agreement of the of the present privacy policy and in relation to the modalities and finalities described below.



3.     Notwithstanding the communication carried out in compliance with legal and contractual obligations, all the gathered and processed data will be used exclusively for the above mentioned finalities of the following recipients categories:

·       Users and customers;

·       Advisors and freelancers including associations;

·       Employees;

·       Allowed personnel;

·       Internal managers;

Throughout the processing of your data, it is also possible that the following categories of authorised personnel and/or internal and external managers identified in written form and which are given specific written instructions about the data processing.



The data retention period is: The data will be treated for as long as necessary to conduct the existing business relationship and for the following ten years from the acquisition date of the data.



4.     In accordance with the Europan Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) and with the National Law in force, the interested party may, according to the rules and the limits established by the curret legislation, exercise the following rights:


·       request the confirmation of the existance of the personal data that corcens them (diritto di accesso dell’interessato – art. 15 del Regolamento 679/2016);

·       know its origini;

·       get its intelligible communication;

·       get informations on the logic, the modalities and the finalities of the treatment;

·      request its update, its adjustment, integration, its cancellation, its transformation in anonymous, the block of the data used in violation of the law, included the ones that are not necessary in the pursue of the purpose they had been gathered for (diritto di rettifica e cancellazione – artt. 16 e 17 del Regolamento 679/2016);

·       right of limitation and/or opposition of the processing of personal informationof the user (art. 18 del Regolamento679/2016);

·       right of withdrawal;

·       right of data portability (art. 20 del Regolamento 679/2016);

·       in the case the data processing based on agreement, it is possible to get the data given to the owner, in a structured form and readable by a data processor and in a format commonly used by an electronic device;

·       the right to file a complaint to the supervisory authorities (diritto di accesso dell’interessato – art. 15 del Regolamento 679/2016).


5.     The holder of the treatment of Your personal data is L.S. SRL, VAT NUMBER 08382590969

Tax Code 08382590969

·        Email:

·        PEC:

·        Telephone: +39 0331 518406


The data controller for personal data is: GARZO CONCETTA




Informations on Cookies

What are the cookies

A "cookie" is a text file saved in the user's computer at the moment in which they open a website page with the aim of provide information everytime the user goes back to the page. It is a sorta of reminder of the visited website. With the cookie, the server sends information to the user's browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, ecc.) memorised on the user's computer, and will be reread and updated everytime the user will go back to the website. In this manner the website will be able to automatically adapt to the user. During the user's navigation they may also receive cookies from different websites ("third party" cookies), directly set up by the site manager of the website and used for the purpose and with the modalities pinpointed by them.

In function to their duration, they distinguish themselves in session cookies (that means the temporary and automatically deleted by the terminal at the end of the navigation session, by closing the browser) and persistent cookies (namely the ones that remain memorized on the terminal until their expiration date or the deletion by the user).


According to the funcion and the purpose of use,  the  cookies  may divide up in technical cookies and profiling cookies.


Technical cookies

Some cookies are used to perform computer authentication, session monitoring and storing specific information about users accessing a web page. These cookies, so-called technical, are often useful to allow you to browse a website and use all its features. Technical cookies are those whose use does not require the user’s consent.

This category also includes analytics cookies. These are cookies that collect information about the use a user makes of a website and that allow to improve its functioning. For example, analytics cookies show which pages are the most frequently visited, allow you to check what are the recurring patterns of use of a website and help to understand any difficulties that the user encounters in using. 


Profiling cookies

Other cookies can instead be used to monitor and profile users while browsing, study their movements and habits of web browsing or consumption (what they buy, what they read, etc.)also for the purpose of advertising targeted and personalised services. We speak in this case of profiling cookies. The use of these cookies requires the prior acquisition of free informed consent of the user pursuant to art. 7 of EU Regulation 2016/679 and the national legislation in force.


Third party cookies

It can also happen that a web page contains cookies from other sites and content in various elements hosted on the page itself, such as banner ads, images,  videos, maps or specific links to web pages of other domains that reside on servers other than the one on which the requested page is located. In other words, these cookies are set directly by operators of websites or servers other than this website. In these cases, we are talking about so-called third-party cookies, which are usually used for profiling purposes. The use of these cookies requires the prior acquisition of free informed consent of the user.


Typologies of cookies used on our website

The main functions of cookies installed by are technical, are used to constantly improve the Service, for authentication, for statistical purposes, such as counting visits to the site. The use of cookies is therefore strictly aimed at facilitating the functions of the server during the navigation of the Service.

The site also allows the sending of the following third-party cookies. These cookies are not instruments of our ownership, for more information, therefore, you can access the information and the forms for obtaining the consent of third parties, by clicking on the links shown.

To improve the website and understand which parts or elements are most appreciated by users, third-party cookies of Google Analytics are used as an anonymous and aggregated analysis tool. These cookies are not instruments of our ownership, for more information, therefore, you can consult the information provided by Google.

The pages of the website incorporate within them some widgets and sharing buttons of Facebook and Google Plus, to allow the user to share the contents of the website on their social channels, and to interact with our channels. These cookies are not our own tools, but are created by Facebook and Google respectively when you use the respective widget or share button. To learn more, visit the following information pages: Facebook and Google.

Some web pages incorporate YouTube video content. By visiting a page containing a video, or clicking to view the video, cookies from YouTube may be called. These cookies are not our property. To learn more, visit the Google information page.

The website may use Facebook ADS programs operated by Facebook Inc., Google Adwords and Google Remarketing technology, managed by Google Inc. The Facebook ADS and AdWords conversion tracking feature also uses cookies to help us track sales and other conversions.


Cookies management

The user can manage their cookie preferences through the features present in common browsers that allow you to delete/remove cookies (all or some) or to change the settings of the browser itself in order to block the sending of cookies or to limit it to specific sites (compared to others).

Therefore you can deny the use of cookies, following the procedure of disabling provided by your browser. Below are the modes proposed by the main browsers: Microsoft Windows Explorer, MozillaFirefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Google Analytics downloading a specific browser plug-in.

To have information about cookies stored on your terminal and disable them individually, please refer to the link:


Social Network Plugin

The website incorporate also plugins and/or social network commands, in order to share content on your favourite social network platform more easily. These plugins are programmed in order to not set any cookie at the access on the page, to safeguard the user's privacy. Eventually the cookies are set, if it is expected by the social network, only if the user makes an actual and effective use of the plugin. Please note that if the user navigates while being logged in on the social network, then it has already agreed to the use of the cookies conveyed through this website at the moment of the subscription to the social network.

The collection and the use of the informations gathered through the plugin are moderated by the respective privacy policies of the social networks, to whom we kindly request you feret to.


-  Facebook - (lininformativa cookie)

-  Twitter - (lininformativa cookie)

-  LinkedIn - (lininformativa cookie)

-  Google+ - (lininformativa cookie).



The current privacy policy may vary – this is also tied to eventual implementations of new regulations, to an update or the supply of new services, meaning the addition of new technological innovations – because of this the user is invited to periodically visit this page