At San Vittore Olona, on the trafficked and essential Sempione State Road 33 at street number 219, it is situated our retail shop: the three big shop windows facing the street show the inside abundantly.

When you’ll come find us to do a little shopping or just to pay us a visit, if you can’t park your vehicle in front of our shop, we would like to inform you that you can find a convenient parking spot in any street adjacent to store.


A hundred and fifty square meter of exposition, fifteen linear meters of refrigerator aisle, where fresh meats are the great star of the scene, where the piglet, the goat, the Sardinian lamb and all the other typologies of beef, veal, pork and poultry meats stand out.

Here you’ll find a great assortment of typical Sardinian cured meats, DOP cheese, mullet roe, tuna roe and all fresh pasta specialities hand made with passion in our handicraft laboratory: Culurgionis, Costa Smeralda with cottage cheese and spinach, Coccoi Prena and Perle di Sardegna with lemon.

In addition to that, thanks to our kitchen, you have the opportunity to order our gastronomy specialities such as rotisserie meats that can be delivered right at your front door.


A long shelving allows to store a great variety of typical Sardinian products such as: marinated specialities, handmade pasta from the best manufacturers of the island, many rice varieties farmed in the sunny and immense plains near Oristano.

Ready-made sauces, tomato sauces, the precious saffron and the unmatchable oil from uncontaminated plantations.

Moreover, the authenticity of the milk from both cows and goats, produced in monitored and certified farms.

Furthermore, many typologies of vinegar, salt, carasau bread, confitures, honey, sweets, coffee and the delicious Tonara’s torrone.

And many varieties of wine, liquors, spirits and all the unfaltering Ichnusa beers and the award winning Smeraldina water.



Morning: 9:00 - 13:00

Evening: closed


From Tuesday to Saturday

Morning: 9:00 - 13:00

Evening: 15:30 - 19:30


Our wide range of wines surpasses now the three hundred labels, it includes all price ranges, from the most economical bottles to the very prestigious ones.

Among the wines we deal with, we can’t fail to mention the very famous ones, but also the various typologies of wine produced by small family-owned businesses.


To be always informed, whenever, throughout the year, there will be a tasting, a promotion on your shopping cart, special openings and when we are open all day, you simply need to tell us your mobile phone number. 

Besides, you can also let us know your day of birth. On that occasion, in addition to receiving greetings from all our staff, you will also receive a precious gift!


In our workshop we produce a fragrant fresh potato bread.

It is ideal to be enjoyed alone, but it is also an excellent base for delicious bruschettas or to accompany cold cuts, cheeses and meats of our land!

In addition, in some periods of the year, you can also buy a bread that is never missing in the traditional festivals of the country or in the weddings that take place in Sardinia, Su Coccoi, characteristic for its shape, processing and strictly handmade decoration.


Every day, you can book some of our specialties starting from our appetizers of meats and cheeses accompanied by tasty jams and continuing with the Coccoi Prena, Lasagna Ogliastrina, Zuppa Gallurese, Malloreddus alla Campidanese, Costa Smeralda with sausage ragout and Culurgionis with tomato sauce and Pecorino Sardo PDO flakes.

In addition, on Thursday and Friday evenings, on Saturday for both lunch and evening, you can also book the following types of grilled meats: pork ribs, beef Nuorese, the chicken with leaves and berries of fresh myrtle and the portions you want of the fregragrante and succulent pig.


An inviting tasting proposal of some of the most appreciated sweets of Esca pastry shop.

A varied and delicious assortment to satisfy all palates.

New tin box, personalized with art illustrations with an exquisitely retro taste.

The 2023 package will preserve the fragrance and freshness of the Cookies chosen for the occasion.

Elegant and practical, it will stay in your homes to contain new sweets or other family treasures.


If you reside in the provinces of Milano, Lodi, Monza-Brianza, Como, Varese and Novara, we will be able to personally deliver your order with our own vehicles and our personnel right at your doorstep.

You will have the opportunity to benefit from this delivery service 6 days out of 7, from Monday to Saturday.


In our retail shop you have the possibility to pay your purchases however you decide to, by using the payment method most handy to you.

Naturally, even in case you’d decide to benefit from the home delivery following a telephone order, our colleagues in charge of the delivery will be equipped with a POS system, making the delivery payment secure and convenient.


For every occasion and recurrence or near Christmas and Easter festivities, you have the possibility to choose everything you want among our products based on your budget or your taste, with the help of our expertise and professionality, that allows you to create a “tailored” gift box.

You can entrust us with the delivery, we ship all over the world.


La Sardegna dedicates an even greater attention to all the differently abled clients, we offer the home delivery free of charge. This important and delicate service will be carried out only and exclusively by the personnel of our company and not by external couriers. We offer the possibility of receiving the purchase you made, not only at your doorstep or at your floor, but, if the client requires it, even inside their home.

If your city does not fall within the designated area on the map, we suggest you contact our Customer Care. The operator that will reply will find a solution or a fast alternative.


For every need and fast information, do not hesitate to contact us, one of our colleagues will always be willing to help you out.