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Seadas Conf. 4 pz  320g La Sardegna

Seadas Conf. 4 pz 320g La Sardegna

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A bundle made of semolina pasta stuffed with cheese. Seada, Seadas, Sebadas, Sevada, Sabadas, Seattas or simply the most famous Sardinian dessert.

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A sweet of the Sardinian plain cooking, a bundle made of semolina pasta and stuffed with fresh cheese that is fried and covered with honey at the moment of serving. A simple dessert, with a name shrouded in mystery, is come from the Spanish word “cebar”, that means “to feed” o from the Sardinian word “sebu”, the animal fat, that maybe refers to the shiny crust of the sweet covered in honey. Originally conceived as a salted dish, the Mannas Canta su Pratto, that was as big as the plate in which it was served in special occasions. Now, the most known Sardinian dish, traditionally covered in honey.

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